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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is one of the advertisement of Search Engine sorting method.

There is always a phrase or a word while performing a search of information or product in the search engine. That phrase or word is indicated as “Keyword” of the search.

PPC is different from SEO, the cost is determined by the click times instead of bidding price. When search engine receives the search input that match your selected keyword or set even when relevant, the search engine will bring your keyword ads and displayed above or the right of the search engine results. If users click on your keyword ads, then it is necessary that you pay a fee to the search engine, and the amount of this fee is set by your own, the higher the fee, relatively search engine ranking position will be higher.

In short, keywords is the users input of search engine, that input is representing a demand of a certain product or information in some degree. Keyword can be varied from industry, product, news and etc. Therefore Keyword selection require market sense, tentacle and experience to perform a cost efficient result than hitting around the tree.


  1. Grasp the precise target audience,
  2. Double effectiveness
  3. Logical pay module
  4. Easy to manage
  5. Increase exposure to public

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