Why Your Online Promotion Fail

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When planning giveaways, discounts, coupons, website promotion events, and any other special pricing for your ecommerce company, you’re probably already counting your profits in your head. Then, you run across a blog like this one that says online promotion and online advertising just don’t work. What are you supposed to believe?   Lowering the Perceived Value When you can lower the price of a product just to get it out the door, your customers start…

Tips for Successful Online Marketing

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Many companies view their web site as a necessary cost of doing online marketing rather than an opportunity to reach the right audience. Here are tips to transform your site into an effective online marketing method.    Make sure potential customers can find you on the search engines. Most company do not take advantage of search engine optimization and online promotion, but few things on the internet can be as serviceable. A recent Forrester Research…

Online advertising

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Advertise your website or campaign site in the search engine helps you to Optimize your website exposure by increasing the ranking in search engine Reduce traditional ad cost Bring the potential customer to your website Increase Return on Investment (ROI) for your company What do we provide for you? Keyword phrase research and targeting Online banner design Ad management and monitor Testing and evaluation Report generation about ad effectiveness Also, we provide online banner design,…

Digital marketing

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We provide Pay Per Click (CPC) advertisement management and online banner design, posting and management service. Based on research, more than 60% consumers use search engines to help them in product or service research before they make a purchase decision. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the paid advertising placement in search engine, which show as sponsored results when you search keyword in the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The payment is according…

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