Online marketing= complex puzzle? = SEO?

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  Online marketing is like a large, complex puzzle, especially when it comes to SEO. There are many pieces to this “SEO puzzle” — keyword research, link-building, technical compliance, user experience and social-media integration being the most significant. A successful online marketer will naturally be able to see how these pieces fit together. Examples of what a successful marketer will recognize include how Social media marketing reach impacts organic link building; how user experience affects…

5 Keys to Creating a Successful Online promotion

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Make It Super Easy to Participate For optimal participation, remove as many barriers to entry as possible. Giving consumers extra, tedious steps like having to log in to access your promotion or having too many fields on the entry form decreases the likelihood they’ll enter, so just keep it simple. A complex promotion may seem more compelling to you, but for consumers, the clearer and more concise the entry process, the better.   Get People…

7 YouTube Channels Crushing It That You Can Learn From

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With more than a billion users watching hundreds of millions of hours and generating billions of views — that’s approximately one-third of all people on the Internet we’re talking about — YouTube has become an extremely powerful discovery and promotion platform. It’s borderline insane to not have a presence on YouTube these days. That’s why I’ve been making that task a priority for my agency. But things are about to get even better: For 2016,…

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